The World of Lenus

Total Adventure Recap

Summary of Events so Far

Before Party Meets

Gimble, Sauronith, and Thamior met north of the "Wailing Sea" near a city named Orialis. All three met because they were on their way to the south to explore the world and pursue their own goals. Each found that working together would help them out in the long run and they decided to travel together. 

Along the way to the south they meet Maret, a silent yet kind hearted rouge who helps them travel through the city and helps them avoid the tough parts of the city. He offers to help the party and explore the world and the party accepts. 

Finally the party meets in Naledzir, the Dwarven City of Jewels. 

Party First Meets

The party consisting of Maret, Gimble, Thamior, Sauronith, and Ovak made their way to a popular tavern in Naledzir called "The Iron Gut." Ovak, not knowing of the party yet simply went for a quick drink. Unfortunately fate would bind the party, as corrupt guard members would move to extort Kirissi, the bartender of the tavern. These guards were verbally abusive to the bartender and the party (particularly Thamior). Also, Ovak recognized these guards to be ones that have extorted Gilmore, her father, in the past. 

With a swift decision by Thamior, the guards were swiftly dispatched by the party. Soon after cleaning up the "mess" they made, the party leaves to acquaint themselves with Gilmore. Being extorted himself, the party waits. Soon after a feat of arcane wonder, the guards were incapacitated and the party made chase to find the leader of the extortion. They find him and learn that his name is Dendrak Copper-Shield. 

It was at this point that the party met a traveling Cleric named Iraeneus. He too, decided to join the party in their endeavors while traveling to discover the mysterious aspects of his necklace.

After making short work of Dendrak and his followers, the party learns many things:

  • Dendrak was not only working with the Branded (a mafia-like gang in Naledzir), but the Duergar as well (Dark Dwarves).
  • The Black-Branded (or Branded) have expanded their presence in Naledzir. 
  • Dendrak had a larger project of attempting a Coup against Lady MountainBeard (Current ruler of Naledzir).

After looking through Dendrak's hideout, the party is called to Lady MountainBeard's throne room. She reveals to the party that this is troubling news, as there have been signs that the Duergar are advancing their forces towards the city. She gives a brief bit of history to the party, telling them how Naledzir used to be a capital city of a larger Dwarven underground empire. But the Duergar moved from the UnderDark and cut off the cities from each other. Stopping them from using their subterranean road system called the "Deep Roads." The fact that their influence is right on her doorstep seems to trouble the party. 

The party, has a series of choices now. 

  • Deal with the Duergar
  • Deal with the Black-Branded
  • Continue on their way and explore the world

Shortly after this revelation is revealed, a man who is an assistant to Lady MountainBeard approaches Thamior with a scrawled note. This mixed with investigation by the party also reveals that there is another possible event worthy of note…

  • Investigate what is currently affecting the city's mines

After this the party visits Gilmore and he is approached by a black Dragonborn named Olhmynair. After some magic use and discussion, he (begrudgingly) joins the party on their quests while protecting Ovak.

The party, now currently in Naledzir's mines, are attempting to stop a magical undead horde from attacking the city……



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